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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Of Oral Sex and Houses

On many occasion I have posted about my personal obsession with oral sex. Not something trendy or cute to say, this is an actual fascination of mine as I posted here and here.

And, in the past I have briefly commented on the reciprocal side of oral sex.

Well, a girl has to be able to admit when she's been licked! - Er...I mean, when she's wrong.

Tonight found SG sleeping at her friends house unexpectedly and EH and I decided to go poke around the local Hustler store for fun. We walked out with a few new playthings and headed home for a night of fun.

EH had discovered a flavored lubricant he liked and I reaped the benefits of his appetite for it! When he settled in to please me, I actually told him he didn't have to...but - holy smokes!!!

Well - this old dog learned some new tricks. This was purely supernatural. My entire body was shaking. After, I was glowing to the point of illuminating the whole room. The sex actually became secondary to me.

Whew!!! While I have always appreciated the efforts, it's never been quite right. Not just with EH, but with anyone. Somehow, we found the spot tonight and I was actually rendered speechless.

Those who know me would tell you that is a very good thing. For The Odd Wife to be speechless is not a common thing.

On another note, we have a shot - a long shot - at a house. Naturally I have my hopes sky high and have already begun mentally moving our furniture around the place. EH is begging me not to get too attached, but it's too late. Looking at houses is like shopping for puppies...I fall in love.

Please, please, please send good vibes our way. This has been our dream for 10+ years.

Oh, also bought 3 lotto tickets. If one of them wins, we can get a bigger, better house! So, uh - send good vibes on that too. Because you KNOW if I win, I'll do a little something special for you, right?

Must sleep now.

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