The Odd Wife

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Loving Oral Sex

It's the feeling of him in my mouth.

It's crouching over him as he lies back and looking into his eyes as I take a slow lick.

It's the way his hard stomach contracts when I do it just right...

It's how his light eyes go dark and dangerous when he watches me.

It's the feeling of the tip of his shaft rubbing against the ridge in the top of my mouth for friction.

It's running my hands over his chest while I do it.

It's sliding onto my rabbit vibrator while I continue to lick, suck, stroke him

It's slipping a finger between his cheeks and stroking the perineum while I intensify the pace

It's rocking back and forth faster, uncontrollably lost in the sensations of being penetrated, vibrated and having him in my mouth and under my hands all at once...

It's the sound of his breathing getting faster.

It's knowing he's under my spell

It's the taste...

It's almost time...

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