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Friday, January 07, 2005

Monogamous Fools

Is it me?

Am I a fool for believing that if you are married you must be faithful?

Because a brief tour of blog land reveals hundreds of stories.

One man is not in love with his wife anymore, but is not interested in leaving her - so he screws someone else (coincidentally, the same woman who came between EH and I via an online relationship...she gets around, doesn't she?)

Another man loves his wife passionately...but screws around for fun. It doesn't matter that his wife adores him, or that they have mind-blowing sex, or that she's willing to do all the naughty fun things he likes...he still screws around.

Another man finds his wife has been cheating on him and she leaves him.

And it just goes on and on.

Is monogamy an outdated concept? Am I the last fool to figure it out? EH was kinder in that his own fuck-up was an affair without the actual physical contact - thank the stars. But he had his moment, felt awful for it later and now is apparently a loving and devoted man. At least I hope he is. What if I am just going to be "fooled again"?

But have I just been misled here? Is monogamy some tired cliche? Am I the last faithful wife?

I have to admit. This is bothering me today. A lot.

But wait, let me bring it all together for you. Do you remember Grabby Man? Did you recognize him again when I called him S? Did you figure out who he is? He turns up a lot doesn't he? He also works in my office, despite not being employed here. Strange, isn't it? The funny thing is, I could explain it and it would make perfect sense. You wouldn't even find it odd that he and I are going to go out to lunch together today. Or that it's acceptable...even to EH. Or I clearly couldn't discuss it so easily on the blog EH shares with me.

Are you wondering about my frame of mind and the fact that I'll be lunching alone with Grabby Man? Are you wondering if it would make for an interesting blog when I return from lunch and update later today?

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