The Odd Wife

Thursday, January 06, 2005

6 lbs to Babe-ish

A male co-worker (sweet, older, safely married, good pal) approached me today for help with his computer. I began to follow him back to his desk and he stopped and said "Whoa!!! What's different?"

Nothing. Really. Same outfit I've worn before - a black mini skirt with high-heeled black sandals and a bright sky blue poets blouse. Somehow he feels I've been transformed into a "babe" as he put it.

Apparently, the 6 lbs I've lost is somewhere between my ass and my ankles because he was staring at my legs with great appreciation.

6 pounds to Babe-ish. I wonder how many more to Hotty-ville. And to think, I struggled - BUT STUCK TO - the diet today...(and every day for the past 6 days).

I miss Pepsi. I miss bread. I miss SUBS - I LOVE Subs!!! I miss fruit. I miss veggies. I miss chocolate.

I miss carbs.

But I liked being called a babe...

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