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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Did I make it?

Well, if you're wondering whether or not I survived to see the END of 2004...I did! I wrote a New Year's post that I will get posted before the end of the day for you.

I can tell you that at the stroke of midnight, it was as if a giant weight had been lifted and I kept saying "Is it really over? I made it?"

And it's been a great year so far!!! And I can say that even with a very nasty cold that's kept me feverish and feeling lousy for the past 2-3 days. Doesn't matter. I'm still happy.

It's a new year!

Being sick has accelerated the New Year's diet. I lost 4.5 lbs already. Whew. Not enough to put me on the cover of the next SI Swimsuit edition, but excellent motivation just the same.

I was so happy to come in today to an inbox full of awesome and supportive comments and emails from readers. I missed you guys too.

And so...I have an issue already in this New Year to run past you and get your feedback on.

Dear, dear friends of mine are married for 6 years. I adore them both and I am independently very close to each of them. They are (and have been for years) mired in nasty marital problems. Husband is a sex addict, wife has an aversion to sex. 5 years of fighting has left them both bitter. Wife wants husband to be kind, tender and loving towards her without approaching her for sex until she can fall back in love with him...husband finds it hard to be kind, tender and loving without initiating sex because he understands sex to be an expression of love and he doesn't want to be the only one putting out effort. Both of them spoke to me yesterday and they have this idea that scares the shit out of me...they agree that they both respect what I say (I've counseled them both as a friend for years) and they would like the three of us to sit down and have me "mediate" a discussion. I can't help but think that this is a bit like wearing a gasoline-soaked dress to a bonfire. I want to help, but I'm not sure I'm even in a position to.

By the way...I watched Open Water this weekend - yikes!!! It's like the Jaws of the new generation. I hated it because I had no idea it would end that way. I expected a totally different ending.

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