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Wednesday, February 21, 1990

Rules of Engagement

Before you get stupid, be sure you understand the rules of engagement:

1. This is my corner of the web. I can and will say whatever I want. I didn't ask you to come here and I'm not forcing you to read this nonsense. While your advice is welcome, please think before you get insulting.

2. Comments are moderated. I didn't intentionally set out to moderate, but now that it is, I like it this way. In the past, there have been unwelcomed visitors with itchy fingers and chips on their shoulders who wrote things that annoyed me. I approve every comment, whether I agree with it or not unless you are an outright baboon's ass. Then I probably won't approve it, but then again - maybe I'll dedicate a very special post to it. You just never know with me.

3. Hang on to your hate mail. Once your bad attitude arrives in my inbox I take ownership. I'll do with it what I like. Your best bet is to not hit "send" if you have any doubts about how I might interpret it. There's always a 50/50 chance I'll just delete it and ignore it. Up to you. Once I delete your email, I also mark you as "spam" so don't bother emailing again because I'll never even see your silly bitching. Don't strain a pinky muscle on my account.

4. I blog for myself. I don't pretend to be better than you, holier than thou, an expert on life, a grown-up, perfect, entertaining, witty or sane. I write to make sense of my thoughts and feelings and to be able to reflect later. I welcome and appreciate comments and advice, even when I don't agree or ask for it. I'm under no contractual obligation to amuse you. If you find me dull, stupid, annoying, insane or holier than thou then leave and move on to more interesting blogs.

5. Stalkers Beware! I've been stalked. It sucked. It happened at a time I wasn't able to defend myself. I can defend myself much better today, so I'd think twice before getting fucking stupid. Harassers & Stalkers will be subjected to my whim of the moment ranging from legal action to a return favor. I can be just as evil as you can, possibly more since I've got a grudge. Do yourself a favor and don't go there.

6. I'm well aware that I make mistakes, fuck-up, get stupid, act like an idiot on a regular basis. I don't require your assistance in pointing it out. Your advice is welcome, your criticism can be shoved where the sun-don't-shine.

7. Know me? Did you read enough and realize, "Hey! I know her! That's ----!"? Good for you. I don't need to know you did and frankly, you don't need to read my blog. If you do, you do so at your own risk. I might rave about you on Monday and call you every name in the book on Wednesday. It's my diary, my thoughts and how I feel. If you can't handle it, you don't belong here.

8. I don't owe you an explanation.

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