The Odd Wife

Friday, March 10, 2006


It's Friday, and you know what that night!!!

For a blissful evening, I will have PC's undivided attention. I am so glad we put this tradition in place since the increasingly hectic pace we keep can prevent us from really being together most other nights. Friday's keep us connected.

It was PC's turn to plan and so far the date is a mystery. I was just told a location and time. I know the intersection he mentioned, but can't even imagine what he's planned. No matter. Being with him is more than enough.

I'm feeling much better and refocused. I've figured out the smart thing to do would be to help PC instead of pout. Helping him lets me work with him and frees up some of his time. So, I'm going to be a very good girl, indeed, from now on.

EH and I have restored our ease with each other. We're back to talking and friendly terms. I still notice we're not "close" anymore and I realize it's a natural progression of our split. There's this tiny part of me that feels sadness for it, but I try very hard to focus on the good in my life and keep moving forward.

SG will be away most of the weekend with EH, but back home by Sunday for a day at the beach with PC and I.

Another busy, but lovely weekend ahead!

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