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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Blues and the Mean Reds

I have the blues. Or the reds. Something.

EH and I are fighting again. I'm torn between tears over the frustration of our fights and feeling like I never want to see him again. How on earth did we get so far?

EH and I have planned our daughter's 10th birthday party for Sunday, March 19th at the ice skating center she loves with her friends from school. Remember that I asked him to keep this strictly neutral?

Well, EH has really riled me.

First of all, EH has our daughter Tuesday nights from after school until 8:30 and then Friday nights from after school, overnight until Saturday afternoon.

So, the first irritation is that I learn through offhand remarks last night that EH has quite the weekend planned. He's keeping her Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday. Of course, he never asked me about it. No consideration for any plans I might have.

Then, he's planning to have a small party with all of the people not coming to her "neutral" birthday party. That's fine, except that he's having it exactly one week before her party - at the same ice rink and we quarrelled when I asked him to not have the same "hockey cake".

He argued when I told him I felt it would make the actual party less special to have it at the same place, with the same specialize cake two Sundays in a row.

The next problem was in him planning a party for her on a day I would normally have her without first asking me. Forget any plans I may have had - he wanted to invite everyone first. When we fought, he said he was "just checking everyone's availability" and couldn't understand why I insisted that he first check MY availability.

And the kicker??? One of the guests he is inviting to the party is a man who tried to rape me in a rather forceful manner (20 minutes of full-on wrestling and struggling) 8 months ago - a fact EH is very well aware of. That was this man's 2nd attempt (the first being much less aggressive, but still scary).

Jackass... I have been more than cooperative with him. I have never gotten in the way of him spending time with SG, I have not made a huge battle over the fact that he pays no child support and I have maintained a relationship with him on the friendliest possible terms.

Moving on...

PC is beyond busy and I've hardly seen him. I admit it, it's starting to bother me. I'm glad he's enjoying his careers. Yes, plural. But I hate feeling like the very last thing on his mind. Bottom of the list. Lowest priority. Back of the bus. He's involved in 2 companies right now and dividing his time. That superior sex life we had has disappeared and averages maybe 1 time a week. I'm as frustrated as they come and wondering if I can be patient or if I will lose my mind.

I need a remedy. Or remedies... What cures the blues? How about the reds?

Hell, I just need something...

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