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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Notion of Simplicity

So, it's come time to plan SG's 10th birthday party. Should be simple, right? Hah!

EH and I want to co-host the event, which is fine. But he's trying to fill the guest list with his parents, sister and her family and friends who have outright condemned me and turned their backs on me over the divorce. I'm not okay with that.

PC is not going, because I know in my heart that would be uncomfortable for EH.

I'm not trying to be difficult but here is the situation: we're hosting the party at an ice rink. We'll have a party room. Assuming I have to play hostess, that means I stay in the room for the most part while the kids skate and come back to eat.

Now, my family isn't going to go. They're not that...supportive. So, imagine me in a room surrounded by EH's parents, siblings, friends and so on - and you basically have an "Anti-Odd Wife Rally" for our daughter's 10th birthday party.

Real fun. Gee, let me shell out $250 for THAT event.

I think not.

I have had no interaction with EH's family since we split. The one time I saw his parents as I picked SG up, they both literally turned their backs on me and walked away to avoid interacting with me.

The friends. They're not new friends, they're former friends of OURS who have chosen sides (who asked them too?) and alienated me entirely. Yes, let's have them!

EH is being dickish over it. "So, let's have a party with people we don't know," he says snippily.

"No, let's have a party that I organize and pay for with a dozen or so that hate me," I nearly replied.

The problem is, I don't have a solution. At least 4 of the people I would be uncomfortable with have children that SG would want there.

I really need advice, guys. SG is not a baby, she's going to realize her mother is being snubbed at her birthday party and frankly, I don't want to be that miserable on what should be a special day for us.

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