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Friday, February 24, 2006


...and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

As you might have guessed, there was an incident last night. Someone hacked PC's email and took the time (a lot of time) to forward me a large number of emails between him and other women (sound familiar?). The emails date from January 2005 - early October 2005. PC and I became involved in November 2005.

I've already seen and read every one of the emails before. PC shared them with me so that I could understand his past. He also made a promise to me that I would never have to worry about that again. And thus far, he has been true to his word.

One of the emails that was "accessed" contained a link to an old page on this blog. Sitemeter was helpful enough to point out that at about 3:20 something pm yesterday someone clicked a link in a yahoo email and landed at that exact page. The IP address told me what I already knew. It was STBX. Gmail further helped by showing the IP address of the forwarder of the emails. Still STBX. Now, STBX isn't well-versed in the internet world and probably doesn't know much about the blogging world. From what I can see, she didn't access any other pages and hasn't been back. I don't think she will. Odds are good that she had no idea what she was seeing and probably didn't even read it. My open letter to her was just me getting my thoughts out since I have no intention of contacting her.

It was "uncomfortable" to see the emails. There was a deja vu about it from my experience with EH. But it helped that they were all pre-Odd Wife and that I had already seen them all. Still, PC was so wonderful. He dismissed the situation but was still concerned for me. He made a point of being attentive and loving and kind and before I knew it, I was more wrapped up in him than in fretting over such a silly thing. Before we fell asleep, I thanked him for it.

Tonight is date night and I am more excited than usual. We missed last weeks date night, so I'm overdue! And PC is taking his turn at it tonight, so my evening is being planned for me. I asked what the plan was and was told he was going to surprise me. How cool it that?

From the playfulness of the night before, to the tenderness of last night - it's all been so sweet. We got our cherished skin time last night and this time it was so intensely loving and passionate that I had no question in my mind how he felt about me.

And I feel exactly the same about him...

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