The Odd Wife

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Funny Girl

I caved and cleaned the house (or most of it) last night while I had some time to myself and I actually feel better about it. I'm hoping to get the rest done tonight.

PC was a busy man last night and it was nearly 11 pm before I had a moment alone with him. We snuggled up to watch American Idol together (thank you, TIVO) and relaxed.

It was less than an hour, but it was heaven. Nothing happened, just him and I together, laughing, kidding each other and playfully wrestling. It was just what I needed.

In all of it, he said to me, "You make me laugh" as we touseled again over some imaginary bickering.

It was a wonderful compliment. I want to make him laugh. I want to make him smile, laugh, sigh and think deep thoughts. I want to make him think of me when he hears songs on the radio. I want to make him appreciate me. I want to make him miss me when we're apart.

And, he says I do all of that. But hearing that one compliment delivered so easily and casually as we laughed and wrestled together was as wonderful as if he had recited a sonnet to me.

"You make me laugh"

That's good enough for me.

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