The Odd Wife

Friday, February 17, 2006

I Survived

It's payday and I am still reeling from the magic. I took my little piece of paper to the bank and they gave me cash for it. A concept I have dearly missed for the past 30 DAYS!!!

PC is gone, gone, gone. Off to stay in his old house for the next 3 days while his STBX is on her cruise. I feel awful because her father suffered a stroke this morning and she found out about it on her trip. The kids were staying with her parents today until PC picked them up, but he's had to rush down to get them instead.

For the 4th day, PC managed to swing by for a lunch date with me. My co-workers are green with envy. I'm charmed :)

PC's doing really well with his job and it looks like it's starting to come together for him. It makes him happier, which makes ME happier! Win-win all around.

I'm still complaint free. Other than a nagging worry I'll be lonely for the next 3 days, I can't come up with anything to complain about!

Not a bad thing, eh? Just not exciting reading.

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