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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

The day of hearts and flowers is upon us and it's hard not to feel the warm fuzzies.  Stll broke, I bought a card for PC and made him a small picture frame collage of photos of us that I had printed off on our color printer.  Not nearly what I wanted to do for him, but at least a token...
PC's STBX wife pulled the stunt we both silently suspected was coming and informed him last night that he was supposed to take his boys today (his usual night is actually Wednesday).  Neither of us had shared our suspicions but we both had them.  PC informed her that he had plans (I was so proud of him) and she didn't take it well.  An argument ensued and in the end he agreed to see the boys for an hour or so, still allowing him to be home for dinner.  She likes to call him to drop last minute plans for him and the kids on him and when he has already made plans she'll throw "I guess she means more than the kids" or something like that.  It's unfair to him.  She accused him of throwing it in her face that he had Valentine's plans when all he said was "I have plans".  I apologized to him when he hung up because I end up feeling awful knowing it's because of me that he has to go through all of it.  It's a tough situation.  Instead of relaxing tonight, I actually feel terrible that he's not with his kids.
I feel badly for STBX too.  I don't wish anything bad for her.  I do wish we could get to a place of peaceful acceptance and co-existance.  I really do.  If we could somehow all work together, I think everyone would be happier. 
I came out to my car to find a little love note from PC informing me that I was cordially invited to Tony & Tina's Wedding.  I have wanted to see this ever since I first heard about it 5 years ago.  It's coming in to town next month and we'll be there!  If you don't know what it is, be sure to click the link and read about it.  I'm thrilled.  I was hoping for a card or a rose or chocolate (always a perfect gift!)...and this is wonderful!
I felt closer to PC last night, so I believe our talk helped so much.  I was relaxed with him and the mood between us was playful and fun as we watched 24 and The Bachelor together.  This morning all I wanted was to stay snuggled up to him under the covers and warm but his iron will sent him on his way to work.
Tonight, our plans are...well, no plans.  We're broke.  He bought a brand new car yesterday and theater tickets so we'll be eating in.  What we will eat remains a mystery but I am looking forward to it either way...

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