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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pleasantly Still

It's a refreshing change to realize I have no drama to write to you of. Yesterday was a smooth-as-silk sort of day. PC had his weekly conference calls and we curled up later to watch a few of our favorite TV shows together (24 & The Bachelor). I was prepared for hot nookie action, but the 3 hours of TV (even with the commercials skipped thanks to DVR) put me into a sound coma curled up with PC.

The vibe between us was perfect last night. Playful, easy, secure and relaxed. No drama. We teased, we wrestled, we chatted and we just enjoyed. It was wonderful.

SG had a short article published in her school's newspaper and EH and I are very proud. I am NOT, however, proud of my discovery that she has been cutting holes in her pants in class while bored. 5 pairs of ruined pants with the knees cut out or big holes in the thighs. Can you say "grounded"??? I've made her my little Cinderella and slapped on the extra chores for her to make up the costs. Great. I am penniless until payday (10 days!) and she's cutting up the few clothes she has.

She has her first dance at school on Friday. A Valentine's Day dance. EH and I have decided to take her together and then perhaps have dinner after. I'll have to push my date night with PC back to Saturday. I hate doing that, I know it sounds strange (but, hey - I am the Odd Wife) but I don't want to miss seeing her first dance and it is EH's night to take her and we are committed to parenting as a team. As weird as it may seem, it's a good thing for SG. And I think PC understands. I hope he does. After all, I'm going to be expected to understand that entire weekend this month he's staying at his STBX's house to take care of the kids while she goes on a cruise - meaning no contact with him for the entire weekend.

The job continues to be fabulous. I can't help but stop and think - this is my job???

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