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Friday, January 27, 2006

Funks at The Funky Buddah

Well, it couldn't all be perfect.

Last night, PC decided we should hit downtown Chicago for dinner, drinks and dancing (the 3 D's). I was thrilled. Even better, 2 guys we have become friendly with were joining us. I wished for something a little "sexier" to wear, but in anticipation of cold weather (and a recent shopping drought in my life) I was woefully without.

We dined at Emmitt's Irish Pub. My first clue that something was wrong was before we even sat. PC led us all to a booth directly across from a table of pretty girls. One of the guys (we'll call him Dave) thanked PC for his seat choice, indicating the women and PC gave his cocky grin and let it be known that it was by design. Now Dave and the other guy (we'll call him James) are both in committed relationships - married & engaged. So this irked me off the bat. Then I got to listen to all 3 of them rate the women, agreeing on who was the hottest, who had the best body, and so on. I blew it off, but the tone was set.

The waitress wsa cute and Dave was delighting in flirting with her. As flirts go, Dave was an amateur whereas PC truly is a master. I suppose at some point PC couldn't hold back any longer and began his own minor flirting. A simple remark here and there. Dave, meanwhile is high-fiving PC for all of this.

Now PC is victim to 2 faults here. 1, he's incredibly competitive. He'll do anything on a dare and he can't not show someone up. 2, he's not a wingman - he thrives on being the leader of the pack, the star, the main attraction.

Downhill from here.

We finished our meal and crossed the street to The Funky Buddah - a totally, hip and happening spot that I would have normally loved. We sat and had a few drinks in a seat near the door and it began again. Every woman walking in was critiqued, rated and discussed. Dave and James were all over it, daring each other to talk to certain women and I could tell PC was itching to play the game. Show 'em how it's done. I knew without a doubt that I was in the way. Had I not been there, he would have "schooled them" on womanizing.

Needless to say, I was irritated. PC eventually picked up on my temperature and I let it be known I felt it was completely disrespectful to me to sit there and listen to PC rate women. He apologized and pacified me with kisses, but I couldn't help wondering what if I hadn't been there.

The evening ended on a better note and hopefully we can forget it. But that little voice in my head is whispering beware and I can't help feeling slighted.

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