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Thursday, January 26, 2006

That Smile

I've mentioned PC's killer smile a number of times, I know. If you passed him on the street (and you were a woman) you might think to yourself He's a good looking man. But if you happened to be gifted with his smile you could easily find yourself stopped in your tracks and staring, possibly drooling. I kid you not. I've seen it happen.

PC has this easy and genuine smile. His green eyes crinkle at the corners and he has this boyish charm that melts any defenses. Add to that his warm, friendly personality and no woman is safe.

The reason I mention his smile today is because I am suddenly very aware of my own. I've had this smile plastered on my face for days now. I used to smile all the time until October 2005 and until this week, I haven't done too much of it. Suddenly, the world is a different place.

PC and I joined some of his fellow trainees for a fine meal at Jamesons Steakhouse for a seriously delicious meal last night. We turned in around 9 for some overdue skin time. It was worth the wait. PC has this way of just pouncing on me that takes my breath away. How long did I long for someone to grab me that way?

So many things I have longed for have come into my life recently. I had to go through a great deal of doubt and pain to reach it, but here I am. Smiling.

PC is renting me a car to explore today...I'm not sure where the day will take me, but I can't wait to find out.

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