The Odd Wife

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Off He Goes...

PC hopped his plane bright and early this morning to head for Chicago. Well, maybe not bright since it was still dark outside, but certainly early.

I'll be joining him after all. I fly in on the 24th (my birthday) and meet him after his day of training is done. I'm both nervous and excited, having never been to Chi-town and worrying over flying alone.

I'm beginning to relax more around PC and accept that he is different from what I am accustomed to. PC has his own way of handling things and to constantly measure him to how EH did them is fruitless. If PC seemed overly quick to part with a brief kiss this morning it's not a lack of love as I would typically analyze it to be, but rather his own way of operating. I have to learn that it doesn't mean he loves me less.

My dreams continue to be exceptionally vivid lately. Add to that a certain weirdish feeling in my stomach and you have me scratching my head...

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