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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Born in Arizona, Moved to Babylonia

With nods to Steve Martin's comic genius, the title of this post comes from "King Tut".

The exhibit went off today without a hitch. PC's entry time was an hour before ours and he had already left before we even arrived. I did learn later that his Ex was there while I was but our paths never fortunate!

Despite all the boo-hooing reviews in our local paper about disappointed patrons, I found the exhibit to be quite intriguing. It's amazing to be inches away from 3500 year old artifacts. I had no idea they had folding stools in ancient Egypt, did you?

I went with EH and SG, but ran into BestFriendM and her family before even getting in line and walked around with them. It was fine. Nothing noteworthy on the interaction.

EH brought me home by 3:30 pm and since PC was a good hour and a half behind me, I drank. Yep. Drank. Drink. Drank. Drunk. I'm an adult, SG is with EH and I can drink if I wanna. So I drank.

Funny enough, drinking wasn't on my agenda until I heard an ad on the radio coming home that was probably advising against drinking and sounded more like an endorsement..."Sure, it makes all your problems go away for awhile. Sure the pain stops. Yes, you feel good. Yes, you can numb yourself to all your troubles for awhile..." then I switched stations before I could hear the "but's" because what I did hear sounded pretty damned good for the moment! Woo-hoo!!!

So...I'm very much under the influence at this very moment. I can't feel my tongue. PC came home to me singing in Austrian and playing Mahjongg. I'm a wild & crazy drunk. Watch out!!!

Yep, I left 400 things out of this post. Interesting, dramatic exchanges between myself and EH. Probably what made me drink to begin with. But...if I drank to forget them for the moment, why would I rehash them here WHILE drinking??? Hah!!! Not likely. Nice try!

No way. I'm going to go sing some more in Austrian. I love Falco, don't you? I have no idea what I am actually singing, but it's so much fun.

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