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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This Winding Road

Life continues to twist and turn.

In a meeting last night, I was told my pay structure was changing fairly dramatically to a commission only salary which will essentially mean I don't get paid for a month. During a time when money is already strained past a point of coping, this is devastating.

Shortly after, even more drama. I learned that my boss intended to make EH a scapegoat for a recent fraudulent transaction that EH had nothing to do with. My boss is aware that EH is innocent, but in an attempt to save her own hide, she chose to make EH the guilty party. This is the type of thing that a person could be charged with a felony over. I am awaiting the first opportunity to confront my boss and let her know that I will not stand for it. I expect it to cost me my job today, but it's the right thing to do. Ironically, it was PC who made me aware of it. PC didn't want EH to take the fall either. I'm anxiously waiting this conversation...

PC has a terrible cold and I'm battling a sore throat. All in all, we're coping.

I felt much closer to PC last night. Like the walls were down. I still worry (of course) but for the moment I am okay.

I'm worried about money. Anyone who thinks I chose PC for money has another think coming. At the moment, we are both struggling but I expect it to work out.

The weather here is typical for Florida. Mornings are cold enough to require a heater and afternoons are warm enough to need air conditioning. I wish I lived somewhere where the seasons changed instead of the teasing glimpses of "winter" we get. I wish I could see snow.

Last night's meeting at work began with BestFriendM's arrival and her snippy greeting "I'm not dating your husband". I told her I thought they'd make a great couple and she replied "I don't" and I shrugged and said "I was actually ok with that". Later I gave EH an earful for telling her I had jokingly suggested it to him. I guess I forget that EH is NOT someone I can talk to. I intend to work harder at keeping lines between us that prevent me from sharing too much.

Never a calm moment...

Except for the nights. I love curling up to PC and putting my head on his chest while we watch TV in bed. I love feeling him stroke my back or my hair in the gentle way that he does.

I'll let you know my employment status later!

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