The Odd Wife

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I was as nervous as can be with my 2 flights to Chicago but when the plan began to descend for the final time and I saw snow on the rooftops and ground, I cried.

I arrived at the hotel and PC's charms were already evident as the desk clerk took the time to comment on "what a great guy he is". I dashed to the room to ditch my luggage and was surprised to find myself face to face with PC all dressed in a suit and looking sexy as hell. Talk about great gift wrapping!

PC commented that there had been snow flurries and I threw open the balcony doors and after a second or two was astonished to have snowflakes land on my face. No amount of imagining could have prepared me. I actually jumped back the first time thinking I had gotten hit with dust or dirt before I understood. A quick kiss and I apologized but I HAD to go play in it.

I spent some time in the courtyard in pure wonder. Every few moments flurries would rain down on me and I would savor it. I threw myself into a snowbank a few times, built the worlds smallest snowman and stood outside turning around and around taking it in. A man saw me and immediately surmised I was PC's girl. Apparently PC had let it be known I was coming and would likely be playing in the snow.

It's been impossible to wipe the huge smile off of my face and there have been tears of pure joy. PC even commented that I was like a little kid.

I'm never going to forget my 33rd's by far the greatest!

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