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Monday, January 23, 2006

Chance of Flurries/Definite Stars

12 hours.
720 minutes.
43,200 seconds.

Countdown to my plane departure!

Assuming I don't break down, get a flat tire, oversleep or somehow screw this up, I will be on my way to meet PC in 12 hours. I can't wait. The forecast is calling for flurries in the afternoon and I am praying they deliver. I couldn't ask for a better birthday present than to feel snowflakes on my cheeks and taste them. Oh, and of course, roll in the snow, throw the snow, build snowmen and ice forts and make snow angels. I have a long list of snow plans. We "snow-deprived" folks who have never seen snow tend to be dazzled by the novelty. You have to remember I have lived my entire life in South Florida where it's perfectly normal to go to the beach before opening Christmas presents on Dec. 25th.

The snow is/would be amazing and a dream come true, but it still falls secondary to seeing PC. After 60 hours apart, I am suffering. His voice on the phone and his IMs are a comfort, but not as good as finding my place with my head on his chest, tucked up under his right arm and curling my fingers in his chest hair while he snuggles close. Even snow can't beat that. The very idea that he went to such trouble to be with me on my birthday has me moon-eyed...

There's a better than good chance that I won't see much of him as he works and trains and meets and team leads during his stay, but it's enough that he wanted me close and that I'll get to curl up in my place to sleep. It's enough that I'll get to kiss him good night, breathe his Pasha smell and rain kisses on his face. It's enough to feel him. To kiss his back in his sleep the way I love to do. To see him smile at me with that killer smile. It's more than's monumental.

And if there are snow flurries while I am much the better!

11 hours and 57 minutes
717 minutes
43,020 seconds to go...

I can't wait...! Happy Birthday to me!

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