The Odd Wife

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Date Night

Every Friday night, PC and I rotate turns at Date Night. Last night was my turn and - I sucked at it...

My first paycheck isn't due until 2/17 and in the meantime and I broke. Not just "low on money" broke but sadly devoid of even spare change broke. So, my brilliant plan was to pick up McDonalds or something for a picnic on the beach. And of course, it was looking like rain. PC was leaning towards sushi and I graciously (humbly? gratefully?) went along. I'll owe him.

We talked a lot and it felt good. We haven't been talking as much in recent weeks due to schedules, etc. We laughed, we teased, we talked seriously and it was all good.

Later, after round 2 of the sexual Olympics, we listened to cheesy (and I do mean cheesy) music online and fell asleep to a Tivo'd Buffy episode.

Not quite perfect, but wonderful all the same.

Today is a grey day. Rainy and dark and wet. PC has his boys all day. EH has SG. I'm all alone in the house with a headache and cramps and no desire to clean...even if that's exactly what I need to be doing.

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