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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Redemption, Home Again and An Unexpected Side Trip

I didn't get to blog earlier today, but I'm home now! Home feels good, but I really enjoyed the trip!

First, redemption. I have to back down on my previous post and right the wrong I did to PC. I stand by my bitching that he behaved in a manner that wasn't respectful but there has been a bit more to add now. First, as I said - I let him know it peeved me and he immediately apologized. In truth, it probably had more to do with how I was feeling (frumpy in my heavy wintery duds with my messy, unstyled and humidity free limp hair). We went out again Friday night with the same pair (Dave & James) and it was immediately clear to me that PC took my words VERY seriously (or he read the blog) because he was the picture of attentiveness and made a point of not looking at another female gendered human until it became overly obvious how hard he was trying and I had to comment "Was I that bitchy last night about it?" I had to laugh and tell him I didn't expect him to be blind. Either way, PC cared a lot about how I felt and made a stellar effort to be a gentlemen. I firmly believe after both nights and what I saw that I witnessed nothing more than boys will be boys behavior and that PC is indeed very committed to me.

For the entire trip, PC stopped at nothing to ensure I was well cared for and happy. With my new job not starting until Monday, I was broker than broke and PC kept me fed, entertained and with a few dollars on hand. He rented a car for the express purpose of me being able to go play. He paid extra and changed his flight to be able to fly with me home and, let's face it - he brought me to begin with. He could have very easily left me home so he could go "play" if that was his game and he made a ton of effort to have me nearby. I feel completely secure in saying that PC can keep the PC monicker and that I overreacted.

Our flight was mysteriously changed today when we arrived at OHare and rather than change planes in Atlanta, GA we ended up flying through JFK in New York City. My lifelong dream (besides seeing snow!) has been to visit NYC so I was floored to be able to go through it. Unfortunately our layover was shortened from 3 hours to 1 hour and I had to be content to see the skyline from the window.

We were switched from Delta to Delta Song - which is an awesome plane. TV's at every seat, fun food (affordable!), great service and a really enjoyable flight. PC and I stretched out and listened to music, tv and played trivia. The flight "flew" by.

And, we're home. EH is about to deliver my daughter to me since he has early plans and PC is bickering with his demonic bitch of a STBX (soon to be ex) about seeing his kids this week. His "regular" visit days are Weds. and 1 weekend day. Well, youngest son's birthday falls on Weds. PC was looking forward to seeing his son for the usual 2 hours that night and STBX (who has already thrown a birthday party this past Friday leaving PC out of it) is fighting that he shouldn't get the special treat of a birthday with his son since he "left his family". PC was very nice while I silently seethed and reminded her that he was divorcing HER and not the family. I wish she could pull it together and remain a parenting team. EH and I have managed to do it great and it's infinitely better for us and SG. EH has been amazing and it's a testament to the man he is that he's been able to focus on the family outside of our personal relationship. I would easily consider EH to be a best friend and I am grateful we have that. It's a monument to what we once had rather than both of us feeling bitter and hateful and ruining 12 years of memories.

Speaking of...I better run to greet SG who is due back any second! Thanks to those who sided with me on my rant about PC's appreciation for the ladies, but I feel pretty confident that I still have an amazing man on my hands and I plan to keep him. If he steps out of line, I'll be the first to call it - believe me - but right now, I have to learn to trust again. I haven't been able to trust since EH's cyber-fuck-fest with Rhonda and it's time to work on that. PC may have a past (but so do I) and he deserves the chance to be innocent until proven guilty.

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