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Friday, February 03, 2006

So.....yeah. Hm. The Beginning of a Beautiful Life or the Beginning of the End?


An issue has arisen between PC and I that is, frankly, quite out of the ordinary. We have agreed to keep it strictly between the two of us, not even a blog topic (my idea) and I intend to honor that promise. No, he did nothing wrong. No, I did nothing wrong. The most basic "non-answer" I can give you is that we found a new understanding of one another.

We met for lunch today and discussed it and made some promises/decisions/commitments to each other. Ironically, this should have been the end of us but it may serve to actually strengthen us. We balance one another out in ways that will become vital.

I know you're scratching your head, and I'm sorry for that. I don't mean to be mysterious. I wouldn't have posted at all, except that it's been fairly monumental and I wanted to "chronicle" myself a little note on it for future reference.

I thought long and hard. I tossed and turned trying to decide if I could cope or if ending this relationship was the only smart move. But I love PC. I do. And PC loves me. And I think we've come far enough that it's worth a serious try with nothing but hope.

We're going to have challenges. A lifetime of them, best case scenario. But our strengths and weaknesses almost seem ideally suited to adapt to it all.

I'm staying. He's staying. We're going to make a go of it and see if we can be the rare couple that makes it work.

Could you just wish us luck even if you have no idea what I'm talking about?

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