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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Do I know you?

PC and I barely pass in the hallways these days with our busy week. I introduced myself to him as I crawled into bed just to be sure he'd remember my name. His new job has had conference calls that keep him in our home office until late. Dinner time has become a circus of trying to keep food "alive" for the hour-hour and a half he's tied up and feeding SG randomly to prevent starvation. Between meetings, calls, new jobs and the like we've not had any time for each other. We still manage kisses and hugs when we can, but time is tight. Last night he walked in the door at 7:55 pm after seeing his kids and a meeting with former pscyhoboss and had enough time to kiss me as he raced to the home office for his 8 pm conference call. From there it was 9:30 before we even got to say "Hi! How was your day?"

Last night officially made 3 nights without skin time. He made a few half-hearted moves but my heart just wasn't in it. After 2-3 days I'm too busy feeling neglected to fall for anything less than a full-on seduction! Intimacy for the sake of a quota isn't going to impress me and that's what it felt like was coming...pass! Bring me something with a little heart behind it after days of neglect!

Tonight's not looking much better. Another conference call. The first week for him is jam-packed with them to keep the team motivated.

With his kids this weekend and Superbowl, the only chance we have to squeeze in any quality time is Friday night (Date Night). It's my turn to create the date. I wish money would hurry up and arrive - I'm growing bored of our "poor man's candlelight dinner in the dining room" and I'm dreaming of planning movies, dinner, walks on the beach and the like. I'm trying to dream up something - anything - different for tomorrow that combines dinner, free and involved not being in the house.

I just hope I can remember his name by then...

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