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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things that make you go huh?

PC and I discussed the situation I griped about last blog post and have basically put it to bed.

There was another evening conference call for PC and dinner sat warming in the oven for about an hour before he was out. We ate my more-than-mediocre salmon (yuck) and retired to watch tv. PC yawned a few times and went to sleep.

Two nights in a row. Hmmm. That's a new one. And his schedule is beyond packed tonight, so no sense in imagining together time tonight. That'll be three. Hmmm. Huh.

I dreamt vividly again last night. There were cats and empty cans of soup. A car. An unfamiliar guy that I seemed to know that I pulled aside and kissed and told him I had been wanting to do that for some time. No idea what the meanings are, but cats seem to unanimously mean I am being deceived. Huh.

Am I missing something here? I hope not... I'm usually a firm believer in signs, but these are not good signs.

I'm going to chalk it up to adjusting to more changes and assume all is fine. But it might not be a bad idea to at least be aware.

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