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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Weekend Cometh...

After another pleasant day at work I met up with PC at the homestead and was surprised when he offered to take SG and I out for a Mexican dinner.  I love Mexican food, so I was mucho pleased.
Tonight is SG's first dance at school.  A Valentine's Day dance.  I was given permission to leave early to glam up my little girl (or as much as possible without beating her into submission.  Honestly!   My 9 year old has no interest in fashion.)  EH and I will take her and try our best to be inconspicuous as we silently pray she spends the night dancing and laughing without the drama.  Do you remember dances at that age?  If you're a girl, did you ever go into the girl's bathroom and not see a gaggle of sobbing girls?  Oy...
It's date night and PC has most graciously agreed to a "late start" since I may not make it home until 9.  He's a saint, I tell you.  He has plans with his STBX wife and kids for pretty much the entire day tomorrow and cancelling date night is a cardinal sin...
His STBX wife is being awfully nice to him lately.  It makes me feel weird...
I should be home alone most all day Saturday which I'm hoping will force me to clean my poor, neglected house.
Sunday - who knows...?
The upcoming week should be...strange.  Our first Valentine's Day is Tuesday.  I have no idea what to expect from a man who keeps "forgetting" which day it's on and has already made it known that he 'doesn't believe in flowers'.  I'm the sort of girl who will feel insulted without some romantic gesture, so I'm admittedly anxious that my beloved PC will simply shrug it off.  (And, of course, have to be suitably punished with a pouting roommate).  PC has to spend the night at his STBX's house Wednesday night while she goes out of town on a cruise and while I's still weird.  He'll spend the night there again Saturday night (same cruise) and I'm sure I'll be a little tense.  Maybe PC will switch his "night" to Saturday and I can drown my sorrows by going out on the town.
Did I mention payday is 7 days away?  Damn, I'm ready to have a few dollars in my pocket.
So...daily PC-gossip?  Hmmm.  I'm still crazy about the guy.  He still rocks my world.  His personality captivates me to a point where I find myself wanting to enslave myself to him even as I give him a playful hard time.  I can't get past how right he feels to me physically.  Hugging him, kissing him, cuddling with's like Goldilocks-syndrome, "This one is juuuuust right".

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