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Thursday, February 09, 2006

2 Minutes in Heaven

PC and I had our own individual things to do last night. He spent his regularly scheduled time with his boys and I accompanied EH on his postponed night with SG to shop for an oufit for her to wear to her first Valentine's Dance at school this Friday night. We arrived back home within minutes of one another and settled in to enjoy our usual TV and cuddling-fest.

Shortly after SG turned in, the amorous fun began. We've been lacking in skin time for days now and were long overdue. I would have given my left arm to have had it last long enough to relieve my frustrations but that wasn't the case. Men may get screwed, but I swear, ultimately it's the woman who gets screwed...

The whole thing feels so damned good and PC is talented beyond my wildest dreams...but just as I'm warming up, he's rolling over with a smile and I'm left in a terrible state of frustration that just continues to mount (pardon the pub) day after day. You know I'm a sex-addict from my rants over the years, but the whole process of building up just to be left in agony is...well, painful. I know females are complicated sorts, so no, I do not expect fireworks everytime. But there are times I feel like...well...a non-entity with no say-so in the matter.

Men have no problem achieving maximum satisfaction in a short period of time whereas the female anatomy requires build-up. Like bringing a pot of cold water to a boil. You have to achieve a slow simmer, building in intensity to a full boil and then you can make the teapot whistle, if you know what I mean.

Now, someone among you reading this is going to remember my almost daily complaints about EH and how he could go for hours without ever doing the teapot/whistling-thing himself and how it used to make me crazy (and not in the way). I went berserk trying to figure out why I couldn't turn him on enough to push him over the edge. Those who remember are laughing at me right now. I can hardly blame you.

Now, if PC was simply average in his skills I wouldn't complain, but rather I'd be relieved it was over in a timely manner. But he's not. He's far from average. He has this uncanny ability to touch the EXACT spot at the EXACT time and move in the EXACT way that makes your mind go blank and your body start to sizzle. So, yes...I'm feeling deprived and frustrated and...well, I suppose insignifigant.

Well, you knew I had to have some complaint, right? Geez, I was well behaved for a day or two.

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