The Odd Wife

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


He's tall, but not too tall. Just tall enough to be perfectly taller than me but not too tall that I can't wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him.

He's built nicely. Not too muscley, which turns me off, but definite "guy" shape. Not too thin, not heavy. Just perfectly.

He's close to me while still giving me tons of room to breathe. But not too distant either. He's just independent enough to make me miss him and long for him, but also just close enough to let me know I'm special to him.

I'm really enjoying PC.

PC and I have uncovered some things in the past week that explain his mannerisms a bit. He's "wired" not to have the same emotional depths that most people have and I have been working to understand and adapt to it. He treats me incredibly well, always kind, tender and loving but when we're apart I am not in his thoughts.

He loves me. This I know. This I believe. Sometimes he will ask me questions that show me he cares about how I feel or what I think. He demands that I assume "my spot" beside him in our bed, head on his right shoulder with his arm around me to watch tv and while I sometimes pretend it's inconvenient, there is no place I would rather be.

He plays with me. He kids and teases and occasionally we wrestle. He's strong enough to give me the illusion that he's really trying, but gentle enough to never hurt me. He lets me believe I'm tough enough to match him but I secretly know he's humoring me.

He makes me happy. He understands when I worry or fret or overanalyze things. If I annoy him, he doesn't let it show.

He's so right in so many ways...

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