The Odd Wife

Monday, February 13, 2006

Patience, Odd Wife

PC and I got a chance to talk yesterday about some of the things I was frustrated with and for the most part it went well.  He kept seeming to think I was asking him to choose between me and his boys, which is something I would never do.  Then he seemed to think I was breaking up with him. Other than those two insulting bits, the conversation went well and I felt better.
He was attentive and warm yesterday which was a lovely treat after feeling so far apart from him.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed him thoroughly.
I still have to figure myself out.  I can't grasp the way I am feeling.  Impatient...anxious...stressed...excluded...frustrated.  All bad things to be feeling in a relationship.  I'm not exactly sure how to conquer the negative feelings.  I enjoy PC but lately it is too easy to let the bad feelings overtake the good ones.
I always feel like I am waiting for something that never comes.  I just don't know what that something is...more time?  money?  love?  What?  And why does whatever it is seem to elude me?
At least I can honestly say that the problem seems to be me.
I called PC to check in on him and he's buying a new car down the street.  We're going to try to meet for lunch which will be nice!
And...tomorrow's Valentine's Day.  I wonder what that will be like.

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