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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Day After

I usually blog about my worries, my concerns, my stress...I'm finding it so much harder to blog when I feel happy and relaxed. I imagine those times are infinitely more rare, huh?'ll be treated to my random thoughts today.

Valentine's Day was lovely. PC bought us the aforementioned Tony & Tina's Wedding tickets and a card that was incredibly on the mark. His note handwritten inside was even sweeter. All in all, the spirit was captured and felt so wonderful. We cooked a dinner of mahi mahi and pasta together and once again, relaxed in front of the TV to our favorite shows. PC's card talked about wishing we could spend Valentine's Day in Paris or Venice, and he might never know that the fact that he wished it meant more than if we had even been there. I truly, wholeheartedly enjoyed our day together.

It's beginning to look like I won't see PC for the entire weekend, which I am not crazy about. The blow is softened by the fact that I get paid for the first time in over a month and can breathe just a little bit instead of staying cooped up in the house. EH and I made plans to take SG ice-skating on Saturday. She's been dying for lessons and we want to see if she enjoys it as much after trying it before we sink the money into it. I remember all too well how fast she got bored with guitar only AFTER I spent the money on the guitar and the lessons. Silly girl...

I'm not much of an expensive (meaning: "real") jewelry girl (mainly because I lose things) but I have fallen madly in love with this ring. Granted, it's not expensive, but it's stunning. There's matching earings and a necklace on the site too, but the ring really caught my eye. I may have to save up those paychecks...!

I tried on 2 dresses that have been hiding in the very back of my closet. Dresses I bought 9 1/2 years ago after SG was born and haven't fit into since. I'm crazy about both dresses, so I held them. They're a size smaller than I wear now, so I was hesitant to try them on...but I did...and...they fit. They're just a little snug, making them hitch up a bit at the waist where they should lie smoothly, but they fit. Zipped up without a fight and fit. I even managed to wear one last night. PC said he liked it and when EH dropped SG off, we hugged and he was in no hurry to let go - so I'm guessing they looked halfway decent and I'm so glad! Now I feel more motivated to make them fit smoothly and continue on the quest for gorgeousness.

I'm having lunch with my Dad today.

I'm going to beat PC half-to-death tonight if he doesn't help me with the house. The house is a mess right now. PC has complained about it and I felt guilty. We share the housework 50/50 - something new to him since his STBX wife was a housewife, but we both work full time jobs and we can share the duties. Unfortunately, I am beginning to realize we're not actually sharing the duties since PC is slickly escaping (refusing) to do the chores that suck the most...clean bathrooms, sweep, mop...I did make him an offer that if he got me a Hoover Floormate, I would do the tile floors (they're ALL tile) without complaint. I want THIS ONE.

It's that or a maid. But I'm getting grouchy feeling like it's supposed to be MY responsibility. Possessing a vagina does not make me a slave. The deal is a simple one with 4 options: (1) Share 50/50 (even the sucky chores) (2) Share 60/40 and buy me the Floormate as a sacrifice for the floors (3) Hire a maid (4) Earn enough constant income to keep me home as a housewife with an allowance so I can shop and go places without begging for money. Fair enough, yes?


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