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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Weekend Endeth

The weekend is drawing to a close and in all, it was a very satisfying one.

Friday night's date night was lovely. We savored fondue delicacies ranging from crisp veggies, bread and cheese to lobster, filet mignon, sirloin, scallops and finished with chocolate pecan fondue. I love The Melting Pot. Our plans to walk on the moonlit beach were sabotaged by a rainy night, but we took shelter in a renowned seaside bar (The Elbo Room) and played some pool.

Saturday, EH and I took SG to see the Florida Panthers pratice live at Incredible Ice. After we went to the Morikami Japanese Museum for the Hatsume Festival of spring. SG had a blast.

Sunday, PC and I took SG to The Florida Renaissance Festival. The rain soaked us to the bone and a brisk wind froze me, but we enjoyed the day. Still, it was heaven to return home and soak in a hot bath for a bit and warm up.

Our new neighbors are a concern to me. We are buying a condo, and living in it already, and renters moved in next door. The wife/mother seems to have some problems. She's always been quiet and sweet when we speak, but this weekend she was insane. SG played outside and witnessed her screaming profanities with blood pouring down her face. Her grown children who also live with her said she did it by slamming her own head repeatedly against a wall.

Throughout the weekend, we've heard her screaming in anger, pounding, slamming doors, storming off, speeding away and otherwise acting like a maniac.

She apologized but it didn't seem to stop repeat performances. SG was unnerved by it all and I hate to think I will have to say something to her. I feel badly for whatever she is going through (her kids said they suspect bi-polar) but my responsibility is to my little girl and this is just not acceptable.

I'm relaxed and feeling quite nice after my weekend. Looking forward to each day and not letting the small things frustrate me.

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