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Monday, March 06, 2006

Since I failed miserably to post all weekend, I'm going to just post random updates/blurbs/comments this morning...

1. EH and I agreed on a strictly neutral party for SG - meaning we only invite kids from school and we keep our families and friends out of it. I feel it's way too soon in our divorce process to bring us all face to face and make for an awkward day when the focus needs to be on SG and her special day. This is after the BIG FIGHT on Friday where EH refused to pay for the party if it was all "people we don't know". In the end, he did split it, but he opted for the lower party and in the end, it made more sense to agree. We also split the expense of ice-skating lessons as a gift to her since she wants to learn to ice skate. No, this is not a future figure skater - my little princess wants to be a hockey player. The temperature between EH and I is chilly at the moment. He's been brisk with me ever since.

2. The weekend was fabulous!

  • On Friday night, for "Date Night" I took PC to "Laffing Matterz" in Fort Lauderdale. It was incredibly entertaining. Both of us really enjoyed it. After being seated at 7 pm, you are served a meal from the limited menu of items. The food was great. At about 8:30, your waiter checks on you one final time before taking his/her place on the stage. The show is a 2 hr musical/satirical show - like Saturday Night Live the Musical. The topics are mostly local, current and things that really hit home with the crowd. I can't recommend it enough...
  • Saturday, PC took me to the Ford Classic PGA Tour at the Doral ("The Blue Monster") and I was exposed to live golf for the first time. I pretended to be "on board" and expected to be bored to tears and was stunned to find I really, really enjoyed myself! The weather was perfect (for us, anyway - breezy!). Part of my fun was just being with PC who explained things to me and was the perfect escort. Making sure I was always comfortable and happy - he does this so well! Seeing Tiger Woods was interesting, but I found myself rooting for Villegas (impossibly pronounced "Vih-JAY-gas"). I ended up tuning in Sunday to see the final round because I had to know how it ended. Tiger placed 1st and Toms and Villegas tied at 2nd.
  • Saturday night PC and I went out to dinner with my little sister, her fiancee, my dad and my stepmom for my little sister's 21st birthday. After, PC and I joined little sis and her fiancee for some club hopping and dancing...and discovered we are very, very old. We pooped out at 1 am.
  • Sunday I slept all day....PC went off with his boys and EH had SG until evening. In the night, PC and I brainstormed together on some of his business ventures and I drifted off to sleep as happy as can be. Not only was it nice time together, but the closeness of it mattered to me.

3. It looks like STBX is moving out of state after all by May. I have mixed feelings on this. PC's boys will be very far away.

4. STBX is requiring the divorce to state that the boys will not be anywhere in my presence for a period of 1 year after the divorce is final. I hate it...

I think that about brings us current...

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