The Odd Wife

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Mornings

There's always something a little sad about Monday mornings. The weekend is behind you and nothing but a memory and an entire week lies ahead of you until the next one.

There's always plenty to do. A routine you can expect. For example, I know tonight is PC's conference call night, which means he'll be ensconced in his office while I make dinner, tend to SG and otherwise occupy myself. I know Tuesday will find SG with EH and PC will likely be busy with work things. I know Wednesday is PC's night with his boys, so SG and I will need to find something to do. I know Thursday is a bit quieter and then finally Friday arrives and the fun begins again.

But for me, Mondays are blue.

This past weekend was wonderful. PC took me on a riverboat dinner cruise and we relaxed and enjoyed the night. Saturday was primarily set for house cleaning while PC was off with his boys, but when he came home, he joined in on the fun and we got much accomplished. At dinner time, we ordered Chinese food and pulled a card table into the bedroom to have a little picnic while watching a scary movie. Sunday we went to the beach with SG and relaxed silently in the sun with books.

The drama seems to be at a minimum again and I am enjoying the peace.

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