The Odd Wife

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Twice as Nice

When I had a sudden urge to put something in my mouth last night around 9 pm, EH was jsut sitting there on the couch. It was just a few zips and tugs before I had him freed and was contentedly feasting. When he said "You are very good at that" in a somewhat ragged voice, the adrenaline was pumping.

I was happy to stay where I was, doing what I was...EH insisted on more, so we ended up on the living room floor.

But that was only partially as nice as later...

In bed, going to sleep. EH decides he wants another go-round. I'm tired and falling asleep and initially deter him...but then I decide to do it for him.

Down I go again, hands and mouth, bringing him just to the brink before he pulls me astride him for the grand finale...

So nice. So very nice.

Even nicer to wake up beside him this morning and engage in cuddling, teasing, laughing, poking and silliness. Both of us alternately refusing to get out of bed then kiddingly berating the other for just that.

The sex alone would have been a thrill...but add to it the warmth and special tender moments of being a committed married couple and we have it all...

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