The Odd Wife

Monday, December 27, 2004


We have a situation...

About 3 months ago, we reported a possible leak to our landlady. She is elderly and not well, and not surprisingly she did nothing about it.

In November, it became worse and we pushed the issue and she had a repairman come out to take a look. The floor and wall in the storage space beneath our stairs (around the hot water heater) is damp and mold has begun to grow. He was unsure as to the problem/source and after examining it, he went to speak to her. We never heard another word and our landlady went back into the hospital for a week or so.

Now, SG is sick. I think it's due to mold.

We have no other recourse...the owners/trustees of the building are anonymous to us. We have no contact other than our landlady. We withheld rent for the past 2 months to try to get them to react and got no reponse. SG is really getting sick and I am very worried. Clearly we have to get out right away, but that's truly easier said than done...

Does anyone have any information or experience with mold and illness and rentals? Any advice?

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