The Odd Wife

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The way you look tonight...

The way you look tonight.

There have been a thousand glances passed between EH and I without words in the past few days. Each one of them a treasure. The words aren’t necessary, each look is full of love.

I’m constantly aware of how lucky I am. Not just that EH is a helluva guy, but that I am married to a man who has such a grip on my heart and soul. And even better that it seems to be mutual.

When he catches my eye and just smiles slowly at me, I feel that rush. It’s a rarity in couples together as long as we have been together, and a treasure in couples who have had a year as rough as we have had.

All that matters is those looks. The looks that tell me that I am all he needs. The looks that tell me he is happy to be all that I need.

I’m going to bed now. Up the stairs and through the doorway to crawl into bed beside this incredible man who fills my life with so much love. And I can sleep soundly and dreamless…all my dreams have already come true.

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