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Thursday, December 23, 2004

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Not You)

...well, it's time. Time to leave work and head home.

Despite another hell-day involving customers with a flair for the dramatic shrieking and collapsing and berating routine when I suggested that we might need some documentation before just giving her a few hundred thousand dollars, the day ended on a good note. I was called into the bosses office and given a change in location. I've just gone from the small newbie cubicle to the spacious window box. Ahhhhh.

While they presented it as a holiday gift to brighten my day, I suspect my plan worked. You see, my newbie cubicle is in the very front of the office. It's the first thing people see when they walk in. So, I've been decorating it stranger and stranger believing that one day, they will relocate me further down the aisle. Currently, my newbie cubicle walls are covered in pink latex with small sparkly stars hanging from it, a pink fuzzy stocking, some sparkly fringe, flowers, snowmen, etc. But last week it was feather boas and masks.

They did say I can decorate any way I like. I suggested a dungeon motiff with black walls and chains and my straight-laced boss smiled, nodding encouragingly saying "Sure, sure!". Pretty funny, really.

SG is still very sick. :( Heading home now to nurse her to health.


Before I go.

I want to wish you a very merry holiday from The Odd Wife, The Even Husband and Silly Girl...well, most of you. Everyone but you. Not you. Not you. Yeah, you...the one in the back, thinking I don't see you. I see you. You can suck coal, you twit. But everyone else, have a VERY merry time!

But, seriously...

I am going home to snuggle with the man I married and love, my darling (if slightly ill) child and enjoy knowing I am surrounded with true love. Nothing else. EH has wrapped me in his arms night after night and told me how lucky he feels...

I'm the lucky one.

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