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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mystic Odd

Do you ever think about reincarnation, or past life possibilities? I've always wondered, but never known for certain if I believed it or not. I've had a few experiences that might support the possibility...or they could be coincidence, right?

Once, I worked in a restaurant and there was a female co-worker that I didn't get along with all that well. We just avoided each other. I had this incredibly vivid dream that we were both back in the "burning times" of witches and she was being tried and convicted of practicing witchcraft. I was in the crowd, watching her and she looked straight into my eyes and I felt guilt. I knew I was part of a group of women who did practice and that I had betrayed her to save my own skin. It was such a strange and remarkable dream that I had to share it with her. She almost fell over when I told this to her. She has recurring dreams about being burned as a witch and a feeling that someone had "told on her" and she never knew who the tattletale was. (It was me! Heh!)

Anyway, odd...yes. But proof? Not really.

Last night, I had another strange thing happen.

I'm just sunk in negativity right now. I am stressed to the max with work and personal and holiday stuff and I just feel overwhelmed. I've been quiet and down. Last night, I woke at 4 am and used the bathroom and climbed back in bed. I could not fall back asleep. I tossed and turned and felt my head swimming with worries and frustration. I lay very still and began to imagine myself covered in black dirt. Then, piece by piece, I focused on a body part, starting with my fingers (my arms over my head) and was thinking some weird chant thing. I can't even remember it and had never heard it before but it was something like "My fingers are clean" and something with rhyming "white", "bright" and "light". I repeated this for each body part to about my torso before I was sound asleep.

But, the weird thing is...I don't do that. I don't lie in bed at night chanting. I was in this semi-asleep state and just did it. Odd, even for me. I just wonder where that came from. Granted, I was raised in a pagan way, so the concept makes sense, but my pagan style is more a set of beliefs about nature and energy with very little real witchy behavior.

Anyway, I felt a little better (not entirely...guess I should have stayed awake and finished the whole body, huh?) UNTIL this morning. SG is off from school and my work is super about allowing you to bring your children to work. Which is fine, except as we pulled into the parking lot, she vomited suddenly ALL OVER HERSELF. Despite best attempts to scrub her down in the bathroom, she's a mess. EH has her right now shopping for something to wear for the rest of the day. She swears she feels fine, and unfortunately, at 8 years old you stop carrying changes of clothing everywhere you go.

Great start to the day. Geeeeez. Is it Christmas yet?

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