The Odd Wife

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Silver Bells...

I think that I am seriously going to rethink how we celebrate this holiday for future years. Running around like lunatics, chasing gifts we have no real confidence in, stressed, exhausted, broke and grouchy just is not what I want to feel at this time of year...and it's not fair to SG.

We need to set some boundaries. It doesn't help that we have 6 houses expecting us on Christmas Day. If we had our OWN house, we could host a holiday party...and hopefully by next year, that will be the case.

I think it's time to make it fun again. I have some ideas. I really want to bring the fun, warm feelings back to this time of year.

Speaking of years, the countdown is on. 9 days to go until 2004 is GONE! And not a damned moment too soon.

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