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Monday, December 27, 2004

It's been lovely, but I have to scream now...

EH wrote a post over the holiday weekend, but my work cd-drive isn't cooperating, so it may be evening before you get to read it. :)

Christmas came afterall...not according to a pre-destined calander date, but right in the nick of time in spirit. By Christmas Eve, I had gotten into the swing of the season and was enveloped in love and warmth. Christmas Day was spent with friends and families, again, surrounded with love. The gifts were small, meaningful tokens - EH's gifts to me were a huge hit...a pair of large sparkly star earrings I had coveted for months, a sparkly bracelet of interlocking hearts set into sterling silver, a book "The Bad Girls Guide to Getting Everything You Want" (he swears I could have written it) and a hysterical sassy flipbook of 40's, 50's and 60's illustrated advertising paired with sly phrases and sarcastic comments titled "You say I'm a Bitch like it's a Bad Thing".

One of the biggest gifts came from our best friends who presented us with a weekend trip to Disney next month with them. None of us could imagine going without the other, so they ensured we'd be going together. We leave on Friday, Jan 21st to visit the Mouse.

SG was sick most of the weekend, poor kid. She had her ups and downs. She'd feel awful one moment, then suddenly be fine. She hung in there like a true trooper!

There were a million looks passed between EH and I over the past few days. Everyone of them makes me tingle. I can look at him and actually see how much he loves me. He has this slow, small smile he gives me and his eyes just light up and scan my face like he is memorizing it. I can't remember a time I've felt so very loved by any person...I know we have grown so much closer in the past few months than ever, but it almost seems like something has changed even more with him. He's been UNBELIEVABLY affectionate and kind and loving at every turn. I'm being swept off my feet around the clock. Best of all, the feeling is mutual...I'm over the moon for him.

I'll get his post up tonight.

We had his neurologist appointment this morning. No real news, but they don't want to alter his meds, no solution to the lack of sex drive thing. It's now been a week and a half and I'm getting a little frustrated. I admit, we have been beyond busy in our hustling and it too much to ask to have my cake AND eat it too??? Truthfully, I have eased way off too...there is so much affection and cuddling and all, I almost didn't notice the sex was missing. Possibly EH has a plan to keep me so swept up and dazzled that I'll walk around in perpetual afterglow thinking I was made love to over and over again when the actual act never took place...

Sneaky boy.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. I hope you were nestled in the arms of the person you love most in the world by the dim white lights of the fragrant Christmas tree reflecting on how perfect a moment can be. I hope you slept knowing you loved and were loved by everyone who mattered. I hope that you woke knowing the greatest gift of all didn't come in a came from knowing that everyone around you, from friends, to family to co-workers, loved and accepted you exactly as you are and there was nothing to hide. For me, it was truly perfect.

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