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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Remarkable & Unremarkable


* I was honored at the company meeting with what is the equivalent of "employee of the month". (Even more remarkable since I had a nicotine/caffeine/carb/sugar withdrawal temper tantrum yesterday and yelled at my supervisor over a postcard.)

* I've lost 5 lbs in the 5 days of 2005. Without exercise (I will work out, but I can't while I am sick) and without suffering too much.

* I haven't hurt anyone seriously while I cold turkey the nicotine/caffeine/sugar/carbs.

* I'm still fucking sick.


* Because I'm still sick, my world primarily consists of sleeping, whining, and walking around like a zombie. So...not much exciting to share.

Last month, while Christmas shopping, I came across a trendy shop selling "Office Space" postcards. This struck me as pretty funny since nearly every person in my office is a fan. So I bought a bunch @ $1.25 a piece and passed them out to the girls. Most of whom hung them in their cubes.

Then...yesterday. In the midst of day 3 of fever, sinus pain and headache enhanced by nicotine/caffeine/sugar/carb withdrawl...the receptionist (a very adorable airhead) hands me back one postcard and says "Here, "Jane" says she doesn't want this anymore".

I picked up my phone, dialed Jane and blasted her for being a spoiled ingrate, then crumpled the postcard and threw it in the center of the walkway aisle and each time someone stopped to pick it up I would yell "NO! It's garbage! You leave it RIGHT there!" Then Jane bumped into me in the kitchen and I proceeded to yell at her some more about being so rude. Jane went to grab her postcard back from it's crumpled spot on the floor and I yelled at her to leave it there too, but she took it anyway and escaped before I could tackle her and make her eat it.

Jane being my supervisor of course.

Now, the good thing is that my co-workers know me. They know I'm not a bitch. They know I have a sense of humor and they know I'm prone to temper tantrums when I get very sick, stressed or annoyed. They also know I'm dieting and not smoking. This is why I am still employed.

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