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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Odd Dieting

Like many, many other people I have begun the annual ritual of New Year's dieting which means that I force myself to eat things I would not normally eat and deprive myself of things I typically adore.

In recent months, a large number of news reports have declared America to be the most obese country. Blame has been directed to fast-food chains and oversized portions which seem to increase year after year.

The discussions make sense to me when you understand that a Whopper has 39 grams of fat or to hear someone today discuss the fact that dinner plates are now so large that many people who buy older homes find that the plates actually do not fit into the cabinets properly!

So, this new diet makes perfect sense...

It's convincing enough in theory to make me wonder if I shouldn't ditch the carb dieting and switch to this much simpler, much tastier, much more fun diet. After all...I can easily find some real prizes in the frozen foods aisles.

I'm not 100% convinced...but it is a curious thing. Maybe I'll up and "guinea pig" this one out for the good of the world...

...or at least for Fat Americans everywhere.

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