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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Never Enter a Battle of Wits Unarmed...

5:02 pm: My desk phone chirps. The receptionist informs me that EH is on the line. I'm happy to hear from him.

5:02 pm: EH wants to know if he should come get me. This question stumps me. He's never asked before and he knows I get out at 5:30 pm. I say yes, but it's clear I'm confused by the question.

5:02 pm: EH informs me that he was simply asking because last night when he was 25 minutes late and I called him frantic (I worry about him driving after the seizure and he never called to say he was late) that he finally got here and it took me 20 minutes to leave from then.

5:03 pm: I assure EH that he could get his own car and not have to suffer at all...instead of relying solely on MY car which is in MY name and paid for out of MY pocket and which I went and purchased BY MYSELF last summer after years of begging EH to go get a decent, working car with me. He was not interested and wanted to fix his 25 year old broken-down Buick instead. The same broken down Buick which is rotting away in a parking space it has not budged from in the past 4 months.

Now, really. Why call and start trouble? Why would you call your wife and say "Hey you want me to be on time or late today while you're stranded at the office and I have your car?" Especially your wife who is on day 6 of the flu (but feeling much better), with nicotine/caffiene/sugar/carbs withdrawl issues?

My crankiness is returning. And I'm not even remotely missing sex today.

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