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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Day, Another $10,000

It's been a day. A day of up's, down's, in's and out's (though not the kind of in's and out's I like best!)

First, I arrived at work to find my entire office meeting and my new boss tearfully delivering a harsh reprimand for office gossiping. Apparently some had gathered to discuss the new boss and word got back to her. I was not involved, but was subjected to the meeting with the rest. Not really a great start to the day.

Late morning, the day improved when it was announced by surprise that I was being promoted. I begin training almost immediately for a new role (a much, much more lucrative role!) while continuing to manage my department until I can hand it off. It's a huge step for me. The promotion I am getting is the kind of career move that usually requires years of preparation. It was given to me after 2 weeks. My boss has deep faith in me. That means something.

Mid-afternoon our work volume quadrupled leaving us breathlessly committing to work all day and night all week to catch up. My department remains woefully understaffed and I am admittedly nervous about maintaining our good standing. A fully staffed department of fully trained employees would struggle with this. I have a severely understaffed department of brand new shiny people not prepared to cope. Oy...

Late afternoon, we hired EH. He starts Monday full-time, but was drafted tonight to start helping after hours. It's about a $10,000 increase in his salary too. A very nice twist to the day.

But, workloads overtook me and EH and I both stayed in my office until after 10 pm. Now I am tired, but restless.

They say couples shouldn't work together, but EH and I have done so for half of our marriage without a problem. And the money will go a long way for us. I honestly see no worries. I've worked for my father, my best friend and my best friend's husband without incident. Business is business and we've always kept it seperate.

And hey...on the really bright side, I have this hot new co-worker...!

I'm worried about my best friend. I see her falling back into the neverending cycle of her marriage. They're both miserable and despite threats and battles, neither will follow through on decisions to end it. It's been this way for 3-4 years. They don't have up's and down's...they have down's and lower/deeper down's. She had announced plans to file for divorce, but has backed down from them. I wish they could just fix it or end it. I care very much for them both and hate seeing them always so unhappy. They very nearly hate each other. All I can do is listen, worry and offer to support her in whatever she does.

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