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Saturday, July 09, 2005

What if we had a hurricane and no one noticed?

Hurricane Dennis skirted us last night and as we lay safe in the knowledge that it was not on a path to hit us, we enjoyed the windy night with the sort of dark appreciation we tend to have for a good storm.

And woke to surprisingly much mess!

Branches, leaves, twigs and debris lay strewn thickly over cars and our walk and driveways. Our wooden fence in the courtyard has collapsed. And as I drove to the gym for my facial appointment - I was impressed with the aftermath. We were both shocked to read that a squall line did cross us with winds of 80 mph. Which means, we actually did have a hurricane last night and slept straight through it.

The winds continue even now, but we've enjoyed the day. We had a list of 13 houses to check out and pick what we liked. I was prepared to only find 1 that was ok, but we settled on 5 that we both really liked. Every one of them has a huge yard and a ton of potential for greatness.

I'm 'out of commission' this weekend for hot sex and suffering from serious bitchiness. I'm not sure if the bitchiness is from menstrual hormones or because I know I can't comfortably have sex.

D0n't get me wrong...I know you can do it. And from time to time we do, but it's never the same. I can't be relaxed with it.

And so...the weekend marches on.

The new job is getting better. I finally got my department set up to a workable manner on Thursday and Friday and I'm enjoying the management side of the job. My boss commanded us out after work on Friday night and we ended up in a smoke-filled dive bar with karaoke.

I'm pretty damned far from uptight, but the karaoke bar scene just isn't me...unless my goal is to sit back and give a running wise-ass critique of each performer. They just seem sad to me. So, I made faces, wrinkled my nose, cracked a few comments. Unfortunately, my boss-lady seemed to be really into the whole thing. We couldn't be more different and somehow her exuberant, cheerleader personna manages to make me feel stiff and uptight. I need to find a niche to fit. It's not that I'm stiff, I'm just a bit more on the edgier side than that. I'm plenty 'girly'. Just in a darker way.

Fuck. Now I need ice-cream. (Actually, I needed ice-cream before I even started this, I was just hoping posting a random, rambling bit would make it go away. It didn't.)

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