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Thursday, July 07, 2005

So Much to Say, So Little Time

It's nearly midnight and I have just gotten home from work...

First, I am so incredibly grateful to my darling EH for keeping 'the home fires burning' and taking up the slack created by my overtime. He will be very, very rewarded. (Daily blow jobs for a month sound about fair???)

Second, as insanely busy as work is - it's beginning to come together. I have a staff now and I'm loving it. Even better, it looks like EH may have a position there too...

Third, London was in my thoughts all day today. I'm so disgusted by the tragedy and senselessness of this. Why do people seem to think violence and intimidation is the answer? Bravo to the British for standing tall in the wake of this.

Fourth, damned I'm tired and my sweet and sexy morsel of a husband is in my bed...I need to feel him beside me for a few hours to find peace again. TGIF tomorrow because I'm missing my man!!!

XOXOXO Blog World. Except for you. And you. But the rest of you are wonderful. ;)

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