The Odd Wife

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Selling Our Souls

I let myself sink into a bit of a snit last night over moving. The market is insane right now and whether we buy or rent, it's going to take a lot more money than I have to spare at the moment.

And thus, I am going to do a bit of housecleaning today and eBay everything that's not nailed down.

Should we rent, we'll need about $3,300. Should we buy, we'd need about $15,000. goal is to raise somewhere between $3,000 and $15,000 and get on with the show. I'm not panicking because if there's one thing I am - it's a survivor.

Should you get an insane urge to shop or to own Odd Wife/Even Husband artifacts, I'll post a link later to our listings.

Moving on!

This blog has been attracting lots of new readers the past few days thanks to prominent featuring on other blogs. I'm a true girl - so I admit to loving attention. It seems only right to point you right back at the blogs who have been so complimentary!

Beyond You & Me and Jay's Flying Solo - thanks for the shoutouts :)

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