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Monday, June 27, 2005

Surviving Day One

I'm home now. And in my exhausted mind, two words seem to best sum up the day: Holy crap.

No sooner had I arrived than a stack of files taller than I am was dropped unceremoniously on my desk and I was encourage to get them done. All closing tomorrow. Yikes...

For starters, this position is not the same as my last. Before I worked for a broker, now I am working for a lender. I am performing the mirror duties to my last position. Fortunately I have a brain (or had one before it melted to slush at around 6 pm) and managed to make the most of them. I worked until after 7 pm on my first day (2 hours over) and worked through lunch entirely. Damn...I am just wiped out.

And that was day one. I was bought flowers to welcome me. I was bought lunch (which I took to my desk to eat & work). I was definitely welcomed.

I miss my old job and the grapevine told me they missed me too. My top producer was down today and frustrated at my moving on. I miss him too. He was awesome. It's nice to be missed.

I'm home and wiped out. EH is whipping up a meal and giving me a bit of breathing room to unwind. I'm planning on a quiet night of resting up for tomorrow - so, goodnight!

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