The Odd Wife

Sunday, June 26, 2005


And, just like that - gone. The why was said and read and now is gone. I hadn't intended to take it down, but it made sense.

Because - does it matter? Nope.

And Rosie and Ed are right, I don't want to be anything like them. So, if you feel some incessant need to know - email me at and I will selectively reply. I stress the selectively part.

What I won't erase are the comments. It was only up for a few hours, but it drew such sweet words. The post was moved to draft and I can reread the words you wrote whenever I see fit.

Now, moving forward...

Saw Bewitched tonight with S & M. Damn I hate when a movie I want to be good turns out to suck. I spent the entire 98 minutes trying to figure out how to wiggle my nose because I was so bored.

Hurried home to play. I bought EH's Father's Day presents from the local "Hustler" store last week and we're still having fun with them.

And, with those words - off I go! Much to do tomorrow to prepare for Monday!

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